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Package Deals - The Bundle

  • Note: Lactation Treats contain the herb fenugreek. Lactation Teas are fenugreek-free.

    Want to have your bases covered? This package deal includes your choice of Lactation Treats and Lactation Tea. The bars and teas have different flavor profiles and ingredients so you can mix and match to see which one may work best for you!

    Please indicate which Lactation Treats & Lactation Tea you would like in the pulldowns above.

    Lactation Treats:
    • Promotes Lactation
    • Nutritional Support
    • Postpartum Healing
    • Maximum Strength
    Lactation Teas (Fenugreek-Free):
    • Promotes Lactation
    • Aids Digestion
    • Rich & Warming

    Storage - For Lactation Treats, please freeze upon receipt (for 30 min - 1 hour) and then refrigerate. Do not store the Lactation Treats at room temperature. While the treats can stay out for 1.5 weeks (the gluten-free vegan treats can stay out for 2-3 weeks) during shipment they cannot be kept out once received. Our Lactation Treats can be kept for up to 1.5 months in the refrigerator or up to 3 months in the freezer, best if in a sealed, airtight container. Our Lactation Teas can be stored at room temperature. But if not used within 6 months, store in freezer.

    Shipping - Orders are made fresh to order. It can take 1 - 1.5 weeks from ordering to receipt. Our Lactation Treats can stay out for up to 1.5 weeks during shipment but refrigeration is required after delivery.

    *Do not consume while pregnant

    **ALLERGEN WARNING: Bars contains nuts, milk, wheat and coconut. Gluten-free & Vegan Chocolate and Original bars contain nuts and coconut. Made in a facility that processes wheat, dairy and nuts.

    *NOTE: Those with sensitive stomachs, thyroid problems, blood sugar issues (such as diabetes), peanut allergies and those taking certain blood clotting medications should avoid fenugreek.

  • Weight

    Lactation Treats
    Chocolate = 482 g
    Peanut Butter = 482 g
    Combo (Chocolate & PB) = 425 g
    Multi-Pack (Original, Chocolate, PB) = 482 g
    Original = 397 g
    Gluten-Free Chocolate = 482 g
    Gluten-Free Original = 397 g
    Salted Caramel Dark = 624 g
    Salted Caramel White = 624 g

    Lactation Teas
    Chai Spice (Loose Tea) = 334 g
    Chai Spice (Small Tea Box) = 42 g
    Chai Spice (Large Tea Box) = 356 g
    Herbal Blend (Loose Tea) = 232.5 g
    Herbal Blend (Small Tea Box) = 42 g
    Herbal Blend (Large Tea Box) = 243 g


    Lactation Treats
    5 x 8 x 1.6 in

    Lactation Teas
    Loose Tea = 5 x 8 x 1.6 in
    Small Tea Box = 3.5 x 4 x 3.5 in
    Large Tea Box = 4 x 7.25 x 3.5 in


    Lactation Treats
    1 bar a day, preferably in the morning, for at least 12 days after labor and/or when a boost in supply is needed. Recommended for 1+ months.

    Lactation Teas
    Drink 1-3 cups a day for the duration of nursing to increase milk supply. For postpartum detoxification drink directly after labor. Loose Tea leaves can be used for up to 3 cups. (CAFFEINE FREE).


    Lactation Treats

    Original: Wheat Flour, Almond Meal, Coconut, Ghee, Sugar, Milk, Fenugreek Flour, Poppy Seeds, Ginger, Peepramul, Powdered Gum & Cardamom

    Chocolate Layer: Semisweet Chocolate (Sugar, Unsweetened Chocolate, Cocoa Butter, Dextrose, Sunflower Lecithin), Vegetable Oil, Cinnamon & Ancho Chili Pepper

    Peanut Butter Layer: Peanut Butter (Roasted Peanuts), Butter & Powdered Sugar

    Salted Caramel Dark Layer: Butter, Sugar, Vanilla, Cream (Milk), Powdered Sugar, Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate (cacao beans, sugar, sunflower lecithin and vanilla), Vegetable Oil & Sea Salt

    Salted Caramel White Layer: Butter, Sugar, Vanilla, Cream (Milk), Powdered Sugar, Sea Salt, White Chocolate (sugar, palm kernel and palm oils, cocoa butter, nonfat milk, cream, whey, sunflower lecithin and vanilla) & Vegetable Oil

    Gluten-Free Original: Almond Meal, Shredded Coconut, Sugar, Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk, Fenugreek Flour, Poppy Seeds, Ginger, Peepramul, Powdered Gum & Cardamom

    Gluten-Free Chocolate Layer: Semisweet Chocolate (Sugar, Unsweetened Chocolate, Cocoa Butter, Dextrose, Sunflower Lecithin), Vegetable Oil, Cinnamon & Ancho Chili Pepper

    Lactation Teas

    Herbal Blend: Dill Seeds, Ajwain, Chamomile, Nettles, Alfalfa Leaf, Red Clover & Stevia Leaf

    Chai Spice: Dill Seeds, Rooibos, Alfalfa, Cinnamon, Cloves & Cardamom


    Lactation Treats
    12 bars per box (12 day supply)

    Lactation Teas
    Loose Tea = 14 day supply
    Small Tea Box = 14 pyramid bags
    Large Tea Box = 14 brew bags

Customer Reviews

Based on 806 reviews
Great product

I cant say just yet if the products work but the presentation is superb. Had a bit of delay getting them with usps. Looking forward to seeing great results!


The tea was good and the chocolate are were good and I do see in increase in my milk production

Love the milk water tea & lactation treats!

The bundle, I feel, is a great deal! The treats are not only tasty but actually work. I keep them in the fridge and eat one when I’m seeing a big dip in my supply. I also drink the tea everyday. I make a big batch and make them into Arnold Palmers :)
I still breast feed at night and pump during the day. I think the tea really helps me the most.
Will definitely be buying again!


I like the price of the bundle and ability to mix items. I had the chocolate brownies before but it was my first time trying the chai tea which I felt was more helpful with increasing milk production. I read more about the chai lactation tea on this site and learned the pouches are stronger so I will be purchasing that next. Overall I’m happy with the products on this site. Would highly recommend.

So glad I found these products

I was having an issue increasing my milk supply, I started eating the bars and drinking the Chai Spice tea and I noticed a difference within 2 days, before I was barely pumping 3 oz. Now i am getting 5-6 oz. Definitely will be buying again!!

Amazing product!

I purchased the bundle multipack, the tea and the lactation sprinkles and let me start off by saying I was nothing short of amazed by it all. I was in a panic mode because my milk supply was dropping and after Mrs.Patels products I have received even more amazing results.

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