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Working long hours and battling stress daily, my milk intake took a hit. Mrs. Patel's gave me reassurance that my baby girl was going to get what she needed! I never had to worry if I was going to pump enough. It was always a plus that the tea and bars tasted yummy!!

Tamera Mowry
Emmy award winning talk show host & NAACP Image Award winning host & actress

I love Mrs. Patel's and I know my baby does too! My supply has always been pretty average and my daughter regulated it well. I was able to stay home with her for 5 months before I had to head back to work so I never had to pump until recently. I noticed a huge dip in my supply once I started working again. I was sad as I didn't want this to be the end of our breastfeeding journey. I love our quiet moments together and I didn't want to miss those because I had to go back to work. I started eating Mrs. Patel's lactation treats and oh my! I could feel the milk coming in so strong and would be able to pump double what I was before. Not only was I getting more milk, but my stress about my supply was significantly lower. THANK YOU, MRS. PATEL'S! You all are simply the best!

Rachel Gifford

I’m really loving your products! I actually have to skip a day sometimes (which is a shame because the bars are so delicious that I really look forward to eating them) because I was making a little more milk than I could keep up with. They are so yummy and I really notice a boost in my supply after eating them. It’s so nice to know I don’t have to worry about keeping up with the demand of my baby. I have plenty of milk to feed him all day AND enough to stash a full 5 oz bag in the freezer! Sometimes I use my electric pump while Bennett’s napping and other days I just use my hand pump to grab a quick ounce or two before feedings. I love your products and love knowing that they are made with traditional Ayurvedic ingredients by a passionate, woman-owned company. Thank you!

Julie Tuner

Mrs Patel’s Chai Spice lactation tea does what it says and tastes amazing to boot. I’ve enjoyed both methods of preparation - the stronger one tastes like traditional chai and the lighter quick prep is great when I’m in a hurry. I wish I’d known about it when my first kid was born but I’m glad I found it now. I even carried it on a recent trip to India to visit my family because I knew neither my mom nor my MiL could make a traditional lactation tea this effective!

Amana Kerkar

I am a first time mom and had a c-section and was worried about how long it would take my milk to come in based on everything I’d read. I started eating Mrs. Patel’s fenugreek bars the day I delivered and my milk arrived (and impressed the whole hospital staff) within 3 days! The bars are a delicious treat for me and I feel great eating them because I know it benefits my baby, too. 5 stars for Mrs. Patel’s!

Marlo Guidice

I am so ecstatic as I type this and on the verge of tears. Before I was barely pumping 1-2 oz. After only eating 2 chocolate lactation treats. I've produced 4 oz. Never have I ever been able to pump a whole bottle. You have given this momma hope to continue to provide for her baby girl even when going back to work. THANK YOU!

Mariela Rodriguez
Working mom

I love your products, they're super tasty and have definitely helped to increase my supply with this baby. My first we struggled with low supply and had to supplement because of it, this time she's gaining weight like a champ! Thanks for making nursing supplements/aides taste so good! I can't say enough great things about your products, I recommend them to every mom nursing I know!

Caitlyn Danka

I had such a great experience with Mrs. Patel's products. My absolute favorites are the Peanut Butter Fenugreek bars and their Chai Spice tea. Their products are so tasty. What I like most about their products is that they benefit my baby as well. These products helped me help my baby and I couldn't ask for anything more than that! Thanks Mrs. Patel's!

Selena Beale

I had a good milk supply during the day, but my baby is a greedy guzzler! I felt that at night she would get frantic because she was hungry and my milk supply seemed to not be as good at night, so I couldn't keep up which was making her not very happy! I took the treats in the evening to boost the supply over night. I feed her 100% breastmilk but now breast feed during the day and at night feed her expressed milk from a bottle. Now I can feed her a good 5 ounces from the bottle per feed, finish off with a bit of boob to soothe her back to sleep, then get up and pump another 5 or 6 ounces!

Sophie Jones

I just want to testify that your product has had me fallen in love with feeding my baby. I was becoming overwhelmed and ran out of milk tea. I'd totally forgotten about the bars that I'd purchased. I ate 1, just one and felt just as full when i first had my daughter. Thank you so much and bless you and your company. With tears in my eyes and the utmost sincerity, please continue your business and many, many blessing. Please women support Mrs. Patel's and spread the word!

Aretha Stephens

First off i just wanted to say how amazing your product is!!!! I’ve tried so many others and sadly all had disappointed me. There was no noticeable changes in my milk production and i was starting to give up. Then i decided to try one last time and ordered your bars, and man can i say i am now a milk machine. I’m pumping over 12 ounces a day in between feedings. It’s as though the milk is dripping out. I love the product so much i just purchased three more boxes and will continue too as long as I’m nursing. Thank you again so much for giving me hope and the push to keep breastfeeding.

Kandice Golebiewski

I knew I wanted to breastfeed from the moment I became pregnant! However, I was worried because I have implants and had been told that I might not be able to. I expressed my worry to a friend who in turn sent me a combo pack of Mrs. Patel's fenugreek bars. I started taking them soon after birth like recommended and had a great supply right from the beginning. Even my lactation consultant was impressed by the results since she originally told me to plan on supplementing. Anytime I feel a small dip in my supply or I notice any changes I have a bar and things go right back to normal! I have been able to exclusively breastfeed my daughter and build an amazing stash thanks to Mrs. Patel’s! I highly recommend these bars for any mom with struggles or worries about breastfeeding!

Amber Shelton

Azul is my 7 mo baby girl and my last child. I myself have 3 kids with my husband and we have a total of 4 kids! 3 boys and Azul is the topping to our crazy family. When we found out I was pregnant for our last time, we decided to keep the sex of the baby a secret until the baby was ready to be born and so we did and had the best surprise with our princess. I knew i wanted to breastfeed her since the day I was trying to conceive. As I already had breastfed my now 4yo son who I fed for 2 years but with formula because I didn’t produce enough after he was 3 mo so I had to formula feed. But this time around I did my research and I came across Mrs. Patel’s through another nursing mommy that had purchased the teas and bars. I remember telling her let me know if it works but I wanted to try it so bad I ended up ordering a Milk Water Tea and I loved it. At first I used it once a day and saw it wasn’t working until I began to drink it about 3 times a day and I saw my milk production increase! So when I saw Mrs. Patel’s was looking for ambassadors I was super excited! I love their products already and i’m always blogging about breastfeeding and tips. This was going to be good. And let me say ever since i’ve been drinking the teas and eating the treats I pump about 50% more than what I use pump. 10 to 12 ounces in about 20 minutes tops! I get excited with every pump, i’m still amazed at the fact i’m still fully breastfeeding my little girl I never thought i’d be able to do it but with Mrs. Patel's, i’ve been able to do so and have such an amazing bond with my little girl that i’m truly grateful for. I highly recommend Mrs. Patel's teas and treats to other lactating mothers as a product that truly truly works! Thank you again! God Bless.

Valerin Gonzalez

Where do I even start? The daily regimen with Mrs. Patel's products has done my body more than good. I'm back to leaking like crazy and on top of that, I am pumping FULL bottles AFTER feedings!.... I'm not even mad about that. The very first time I tried these products, I was blown out of the water that after only one time, I noticed a difference. To be honest, I've always has a great supply. But what I noticed these products gave me the extra boost, was when I pumped. My daughter was born nearly three months early and since she was a NICU baby, my journey started as an elusive pumper. After two and a half months, I was finally able to breast feed and my pumping days drew to a hault. Since being an EBF mama I started to not respond well to a pump anymore. After a routine use of the herbal tea I decided one night to randomly pump. My results from that very much astonished me, almost 8 oz. It wasn't nearly what I used to get but boy was that something that I hasn't seen in a while. Mrs. Patel's is most certainly a product that I have absolutely no problem standing 100% by. I hadn't known much about that merchandise and couldn't find many reviews, but I'm sure glad that I decided to just go with it. Thank you Mrs. Patel's.

Arianna Garcia

While pregnant I didn't really think too much about breastfeeding since I had already done it once so I thought, this will be a piece of cake. Boy was I wrong! My little girl came into the world 2 weeks early and ready to take me on. Well to start, she had latch issues from day one. Once home and establishing our nursing relationship things seemed to be getting worse. Baby began cluster feeding and my supply began to dip. I bought Mrs. Patel’s as a gift to myself for returning back to work. Who doesn't want to eat chocolate when they are sad about leaving their baby, let alone chocolate that could increase your milk supply. With the first bite I was hooked! I loved the taste, but didn't think that my supply would see an increase right away. Well I was wrong! The next day at work I pumped and ate my little treat, not looking at how many ounces I was pumping (because that can be defeating) in my 15 minute pumping session between patients. My timer rang and looked down... 10 ounces in one pumping session!! That had never happened!! From that moment forward I have never looked back. I am not worried about my supply when eating Mrs. Patel's and feel confident that I can continue my breastfeeding/pumping journey however long baby girl wants!

Tanisha Porter

Earlier this Fall my milk supply dropped to an all time low while I was fighting off a head cold. My son was nursing plenty on demand, but I was no longer able to pump! (Feeding a baby boy is serious work!!) As my freezer stash started to diminish, I tried @mrspatels and I am honestly beyond impressed with the quality of ingredients and the results! Unfortunately I have another head cold, but this time I’ve been able to maintain my milk supply and still pump. Thanks Mrs. Patel’s!!

Christina Lumpkin

I tried Mrs. Patel's after seeing several recommendations on Instagram, and I'm so glad I did! My almost ten-month old and I nurse when we're together, and I pump 3 times a day at work so she can take bottles at daycare. Between the stress of working full time and hormone changes, I was pumping less than I had been, but Mrs. Patel's bars and tea changed that. Within a couple of days of a bar for breakfast and two cups of tea each day, I was pumping an ounce to two ounces more a day, sometimes more, which yielded an extra bottle pumped. I was able to freeze milk for one or two bottles so that my husband could give her a bottle and put her to bed, or for 'just in case.' It felt so good to not feel the pressure to keep up with a growing baby. The bars and tea are delicious, and they are an easy way to maintain supply. I wouldn't be able to pump for my little one at almost a year had it not been for Mrs. Patel's!

Nicole Ossevoort

Mrs. Patel's lactation bars not only taste amazing, but are the best at increasing milk supply. I tried these bars when my son was a newborn and for months afterwards I still had more than enough milk. Now that he is older and my supply is dropping a bit, I've experimented with many other lactation bars, cookies, and supplements at the recommendation of lactation consultants and other moms, but none compare to Mrs. Patel's! I believe these bars are the most effective. Thank you for creating such a delicious and powerful product!

Cristiana Soto

Thank you for a product that truly works & is the ONLY reason why I am able to produce enough milk to meet my babies needs for my last pregnancy as well as this one! I found Mrs. Patel’s treats 3 years ago when I had my 2nd child. I tried literally EVERYTHING you could to up your milk supply- oatmeal daily with brewers yeast & flax seed, Mother’s Milk Tea, at least a gallon of water daily, goats rue, power pumping- etc. Nothing worked and I was about to throw in the towel when I went back to work after my son was 4 months old. Then I stumbled upon Mrs. Patel’s on Instagram- ordered the Chocolate Lactation Treats, which at the time there was only a chocolate or plain I believe. My first bar I ever had my next pump already increased by 1oz. Thereafter I would eat one daily and my supply continued to increase. I was able to breastfeed my son exclusively until 9 months old. It was a very big accomplishment for me and I wouldn’t have been able to do so without these lactation treats.Now, I just had my 3rd child a week ago and made sure to have these treats ready before I gave birth. I ordered the Salted Caramel White Chocolate this time- they are SO DELICIOUS I have a hard time limiting myself to just one a day. As soon as I came home from the hospital I started my 1/day of these. So far so good as expected!Thank you for such delicious and amazing treats that work! Baby & I thank you!

Angela G

With my first, I gave up after 4 cruel months. I gave up nursing something I wanted to do but just didn't know how. With my second, I told myself I can do it and I will do it. I persisted. I researched. I learned about my body. It was difficult especially since I also have a toddler to tend too. Then I found your products. Your bars and teas are delicious. I hated taking the fenugreek pills. I was taking 6-8 a day every other week to build my supply. It was misery. Your bars are quick easy and tasty. I personally loved the vegan chocolate. You put just enough fenugreek in them where I don't feel any type of side effects. Your teas do not have the obnoxious black licorice flavor either. I could easily consume 2-3 cups as directed with no problems. I must say your MUNCH CRUNCH was a genius idea. I literally top everything with it from my morning eggs to my tuna salad to my yogurt snack. I feel "fuller" and baby seems more satisfied as we creep into our 7 month EBF. I am so happy! I will continue to recommend your brand to other moms. Please keep up the great work and delicious products. Thank you from our family to yours!!!!

Brittany Macedonio

Ever since finding out about Mrs. Patel’s and getting my first order off amazon which was awesome! I got the milk tea and it was delicious! I drank 2 cups the first day and the following day I noticed a slight increase in my pumping. I kept up the tea and by the 5th day I was pumping 5oz from each breast even after a feeding. I ordered the bars to try them out. I received my chocolate/peanut butter fenugreek bars and they were delicious! I eat one a day sometimes two because they are just so good. I have a good stash for in case of emergency or when my family need to watch my baby. I have been a Mrs. Patel’s mom since my baby was 3 weeks old and I haven’t used another product. With my last baby I had to be prescribed milk producing pills from the doctor because everything else that you can get at the grocery stores and baby stores didn’t work for me. I’m glad I found a product that’s natural, tastes good, and works! I have recommended to all my pregnant friends, new mommas, and mommas of older babies.

Brittany Krenz

I first found Mrs. Patel’s products 2 years ago when I was trying to increase my pumping output for my daughter. This summer, as I was approaching the end of my second pregnancy, stocking up on Fenugreek Bars and tea was on my list of things to do before baby arrived! I had experienced first hand the impact they could have on supply, and I knew I wanted to have some on hand right from the start. I started eating one fenugreek bar a day right from the beginning. My baby is now 3 weeks old, feeding on demand and I have still been able to start pumping to build a small stash in my freezer. I know these products have made a positive impact on how much I am able to pump, and it is so wonderful to already have milk in the freezer! Thanks!

Emma Redmon

At 3 months postpartum I got my lovely cycle back, (I say that sarcastically) and ever since then I have struggled with low milk supply. When my son turned 6 months old the time finally came for River to start trying solids and my low milk supply got even worse! I would check and feel to see if I had any milk for him before he nursed and they always felt empty; I was stressing out and crying during, and after, feedings. I would drink loads of water, eat oatmeal until I hated the smell of it, but the only thing that worked was tuna and salmon. I'm not a big fan of fish, by the way. I LOVE TEA!! like a lot :) I tried mother milk tea from traditional medicine, I had a bit of luck with that. I figured that there had to be more types of teas and treats that help mamas in my situation. I found Mrs Patels through Instagram one morning and ordered their chocolate treats, herbal tea and something called Munch Crunch that I put on pretty much EVERYTHING I eat; pizza, salads, yogurt with fruit.. etc. All their products are so yummy! A few days in I felt that sweet engorged feeling letting me know that River was going to have a very yummy filling lunch!! I'm very much into organic eating, and holistic remedies, which is what their products are!! I would definitely recommend to nursing friends and family. Give it a try. Thank you so much to everyone at Mrs Patels. You guys are life savers! P.S As of now River is 1 year old, he is still breastfeeding for snacks and dinner. He has been eating more breakfast and lunch which means my milk supply has slowly started going down again.. I've also have a picky eater on my hands which means he's been loosing some weight :( poor little guy hates almost everything except his mother's milk. My goal is to breastfeed until he is at least 2 years old. In order to keep his weight up and my milk supply flowing I plan on ordering more of these treats! Breastfeeding feeding is such a wonderful experience and I thank Mrs Patel for baking and creating such great and yummy products that allow me to keep this journey going.

Mayra Alexandra Hall

I'm a mother of 2. With my first child I stayed at home for 2 years. So with the second I thought pumping at work would be fairly easy. My little one needs 12 ounces a day (while I'm at work) so I would just pump 12 ounces at work and plus I had a pretty decent freezer stash. Well that didn't go as planned. 1 week back at work and my supply decreased significantly. I was pumping 3 ounces each session before and could barely get 2 ounces now. Plus I started digging into my freezer stash that soon started to deplete. Then I decided to try your bars after reading all the glowing reviews. I got the vegan gluten free original bars (this way I can add my own toppings for variety). Within 3 days my breasts were engorged and I was pumping 5 ounces in one session and in the mornings I was pumping 5 ounces per breast (and feeding my little one throughout the night), when previously I struggled to get 5 ounces total. Over one weekend I was able to rebuild my freezer stash by pumping after I nursed my little one and waking up and pumping at night. Now I'm only pumping at work and am able to pump 2 extra feedings every day. I don't take any other supplements, just 1 Mrs. Patel’s bar every morning on my way to work. Seriously these things are magic. I gave a box to a coworker who was also struggling with her supply. She's on her second day and I am sure she will soon be singing your praises. I also wanted to say that your customer service is amazing! When I ordered my bars I was afraid that by the time they got to me I would have had to turn to formula but I reached out to your admin and got my bars in 3 days!!! I also scheduled my subscription too close to each other and when I emailed your team they quickly cancelled my order and issued a refund with no hassle. Thank you so much for helping this working mama feed her baby with ease.

Althea Brown

I went back to work when my son was five months and I noticed a change in the fullness of my breasts throughout the day. I was only working 4 hours and I pumped 15 minutes during those four hours, but I still felt like I wasn't making the same amount of milk and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to keep up with him. My momanoia was bugging me so I searched all over the internet for something to help. I found Mrs. Patel's and ordered their chocolate fenugreek bars and milk water tea. After a couple of days I could notice the difference in the fullness of my breasts and the outtake when I pumped. My lazy boob was not so lazy anymore and my date night stash was getting pretty full! I had peace of mind thanks to the treats and tea and that is worth every penny to me. Breastfeeding is hard work and sometimes just a little help even in the form of teas and treats is all we need. Thank you, Mrs Patel's.

Yessy Ortizn

My husband and I were married for 10 years before we decided to have a baby. I always knew that if I did have kids I wanted to do it as naturally as possible, this included breastfeeding. When Henry came very early, I was unable to breastfeed right away as he was in the NICU for the first month. I pumped all day long, but could never get more than 3 oz of milk a day to take to the hospital. When Henry came home he learned to latch, but I still wasn’t producing quite enough to fill him up. I tried every natural supplement I could find, but it wasn’t until I stumbled across Mrs. Patel’s products that I was finally able to produce enough milk for my growing boy! I eat a fenugreek bar every morning to start my day, and a cup of milk water tea in the afternoon to keep me going. Breastfeeding is no longer stressful for me or my boy!

Amanda Christian

Let me start by saying this product was a godsend! Like most women I struggled to produce enough milk for my newborn. I was told to buy some fenugreek because it helped with lactation. I tried it but the tea was horrible and the pill form was hard to stomach. Once I stumbled upon your profile, I immediately ordered your edibles. At first I was skeptical, but boy oh boy I was wrong. Your products are extremely good and it works!!! I stopped eating my products for a week to confirm if the products really did help or not. During that week my milk production dropped and I was only able to pump 3 ounces a day. Well I immediately ordered more and my little one was back to getting a full course meal. If you are struggling with lactation, please do yourself a favor and buy any of their products and watch how you go from struggling to winning.

Dionne Croker

I never thought low supply would be an issue for me, as I had such a OVERsupply for months after my daughter was born. At about 4 months postpartum, I started back at work part time and my supply plummeted and we quickly went through our freezer stash. At about this same time, I found Mrs. Patel's products online. I ordered the fenugreek bars first and would eat one every morning. My pumping sessions at work went from 2-3 ounces on average to 6-8 ounces almost immediately. Our freezer supply was replenished and I no longer had to worry about how my precious girl would be fed. At 8 months postpartum, I still eat fenugreek bars on occasion, but mostly rely on the milk water tea to keep my pumping sessions to 5-7 ounces at each pump. Thank you, Mrs. Patel's!!!

Morgan Torpey

As a mom, I’ve found that the most important thing that makes me successful is surrounding myself with other moms with whom I can share the good, bad and ugly of motherhood. Without the support of these strong women, this season of life could be incredibly overwhelming and isolating. Amazing mamas aside, there have of course been some more concrete things that have helped me along the way, too. One of my FAVORITE mama products is Mrs. Patel’s bars and teas. The chocolate fenugreek bar was the first thing I ate after delivering my son (and continued to eat daily for months), and not only was it delicious, but I am certain that it helped me be successful in my difficult breastfeeding journey. I ended up having to exclusively pump for my son, and despite the initial disappointment, it became a blessing in disguise as I was able to donate milk to local NICU babies. Thank you Mrs. Patel’s for being another link in the chain of support for pregnant and breastfeeding mamas!

AnnaGray Boechler

I am a first time mom and since my daughter was born I always was concerned of producing enough milk for her. Well thanks to your tea and bars I worry no more. I have over 780oz frozen while I am still EBF!! My goal is a year but if I can go longer that would be amazing!

Kasey Gelhausen

I used your fenugreek bars and it helped tremendously with my deep freezer stash. Your products give me that sense of security if I notice a decrease in supply. Thank you so much!

Adrianne Colon

I'm a mother of two littles ones, and currently breastfeed my son who is 6 months old. I'd breastfeed my daughter too if she liked it. I have tried your products before and loved the boost they gave me. I struggle with my supply and it was a relief to find products that helped me be able to continue exclusively breastfeeding.

Nikki Monterrosa

Thank you all!! The fenugreek bars really helped me when I transitioned back to work and had to pump when my LO was 5 months old.

Carey Dwyer

I've been struggling with milk production for a while. Our newest babe, Charlie was born with low blood sugar and had to be fed formula while we stayed in the hospital for a week. A month after she was born we were scheduled to begin our cross country road trip from Monterey, Ca to the DC area and boy was it stressful. Now that we are settled and not planning to go anywhere, I can focus more on building my milk supply. Charlie will be three months old soon and after discovering Mrs Patel's through my gal pal Emily, I decided to give it a shot. Last week I started to notice my milk supply increasing after drinking two cups a day of the milk water tea. I'm a CrossFit coach, private fitness coach and a mama to three beautiful little girls. I'm confident that my milk supply is increasing because of my feeding the baby on demand and drinking your milk water tea.

Jacqueline Carter

I have tried so many things/products to help my supply and after using Mrs. Patel’s 3rd trimester tea and energy bars, I have so much confidence in the lactation bars for my supply! Thank you for making amazing products for expecting and breastfeeding mommas!

Bri Baker

I started drinking Mrs. Patel’s Raspberry Leaf Tea during my 3rd trimester and final month of pregnancy! I was attracted to the tea because of it’s all natural ingredients. Due to my plan of making my 1st birth an all natural experience, I knew this was the tea for me! I started off with one cup of tea a day and as I got closer to my due date I would increase to 2-3 cups of tea a day. The tea taste amazing, it was very fresh and organic; I always added a tsp of honey for the perfect taste! As I got closer to my due date I went to the hospital twice in false labor, during both visits my uterus hadn’t passed 3cm of dilation however I was already at 70-80% effaced (soften cervix) a week prior to my due date. My midwife and nurses couldn’t believe how soft my cervix was prior to me being in active labor and I have the 3rd trimester leaf tea to thank for that! Upon reaching 5cm dilation I was already 95% effaced and was reassured by my medical team that would make my labor and delivery experience a lot smoother and easier for me to push! After 15 hours of Labor I was able to welcome my baby boy into the world and my life was completely changed for the better! I truly believe my labor experience wouldn’t have gone so smoothly if I didn’t not prep my body by staying hydrated and drinking the raspberry leaf tea on a daily basis! As a woman I understood my body was designed to bare and birth a child however I had no idea there was natural ingredients I could incorporate into my daily routine that would make my experience one to remember! I stand by Mrs. Patel’s products 150% and would recommend to any mother to be as well as new moms who are on their nursing journey! As a 1st time mom with a plan of breastfeeding, I’ve tried Mrs. Patel’s lactation crunch (I add in smoothies and yogurt/applesauce) and not even a week post partum, I’m already able to pump 2oz in a 30min session and my baby boy latches with little to no trouble! Mrs. Patel’s products are heaven sent for any momma looking to add some all natural & tasty products to their motherhood routine! I will definitely be back to try more products throughout my breastfeeding journey!

Janayah Davis