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Lactation Treats - Peanut Butter


Amazing product
It was amazing the result


Love these cookies and plan to order them regularly. Great for a nighttime snack.

Really good

I really enjoy the taste. Very unique! Will be purchasing again

Lactation Treats - Salted Caramel Dark

Lactation Treats - Peanut Butter


These taste great and are effective!!

Amazing results great flavor

I first tried just the chocolate and they were good not as amazing and crave curbing as everyone insisted but they did improve milk supply heavily. So i ordered again and this flavor is by far waaaaay better! So tasty & works well to improve milk supply definitely recommend

Chai cookies

LOVE how these cookies taste, I eat them to help my milk supply but they are so delicious that I would eat them just because if I wasn’t breast feeding.

So glad I tried this...

Initial thought who needs another tea for milk supply!? But boy was I wrong! Milk Water tea is a completely different recipe than any other milk boosting tea I’ve tried. It made a huge difference in my supply. Additionally, it’s the perfect compliment to the lactation treats. I tried the herbal and the chai flavors and they are both amazing 🙌🏼

Package Deals - The Bundle

Love the sprinkle!

As it’s getting hotter, I’m now adding it to my salads. Also add it to rice and veggies.

Tasty! They seem to be working!


Best lactation cookies I’ve tried!!

The Bundle

As a second time mom, I’ve tried breastfeeding again hoping for a different result than the first pregnancy. There was nipple Confusion and damage after introducing bottles this go around. I also believe there was nipple damage due to pumping. I’ve stopped bottle feeding and offering the breast only. My baby is nursing actively for longer periods of time since starting the bars one a day and tea 1-2 days. She also appears more satiated after a feeding. I’m concluding product has increased input based off my baby’s desposition since eating bars and tea. My breasts also are feeling fuller more often after starting bars and tea. I enjoy the taste of the chocolate bars over the peanut butter and enjoy the chai tea with milk and honey. I’ve since ordered the salted whife caramel bars, white chocolate super bars and large box of chai tea.

Happy customer

Tasty and effective

Sure thing

I've been using the chocolate lactation treats for 2 months now and they are a sure thing to boost your supply. They have a great taste and have allowed me to feed and freeze with great results!.

Lactation Treats - Multi-Pack (Original, Chocolate, PB)

Fine product

Tasted fine, not great but not awful. No difference noticed in milk supply

Good stuff!

I ordered the bundle it was more than I expected ! My milk supply is coming in a lot !

Ordering More!

Taste good and seem to be helping!

Super helpful!

These were great and definitely boosted my supply

1st trimester tea

I purchased tea for my daughter who had severe 1st trimester nausea . She says it seems to help and at the very least smells good and is comforting to sip on at work.