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Yummy treats

I ordered the combo pack and both flavors are delicious! I am excited to see how these increase my supply.

Taste great gluten free bars

I saw a change in my milk supply. It was not drastic but a change at that. I ordered twice from them. I think the gluten free bars are fantastic. Im glad they have them because I'm allergic to gluten. This was my last resort and im glad I tried them. Order soon if you're going to make a second purchase they bake after you order. Everything is made after you order so it takes time.

Lactation Treats - Gluten-Free & Vegan Chocolate

Thank you

It was definitely worth the price. I am yet to try the tea, but the bars are delicious and I can definitely see a difference when I eat them. Thanks to you guys I will be able to create a better stash of milk for when I go back to work. Thank you!

Love this bars!

This is my 2nd baby and I used them on my first and I love it! Totally helps build my supply! Thank you so much! I highly recommend this to everybody!

Regarding lactation treats

At only 3 weeks postpartum, I noticed my milk supply was going down. Then, I decided to order the lactation treats. I noticed a difference within 2 days. It was an amazing difference!

Lactation Treats - Salted Caramel White

Mommy milk maker

Loved these treats! I looked forward for the mornings when I could eat the little piece of heaven. Before ordering Mrs. Patels, I was worried my newborn wasn't getting enough milk. I can now say that my little girl is satisfied after each feeding. Highly recommend.

Increase already

The chocolate Lactation treats are delicious and have already helped increase my supply in 6 days! Will absolutely be ordering more!

Taste good

I use the tea and notice the difference


These are yummy, and I do think they helped my supply a little.

Package Deals - The Bundle

Great treats

I have been eating the treats daily. Out of all the lactation cookies/ treats I have tried these taste best. They do have a spicy taste like pepper but not too overwhelming and u kind of get used to it

These work!

Have had my first dozen and my milk supply increased significantly! Highly recommend.

Fast results

I recently bought the bundle deal and I’m so glad I did! I normally could only pump 2 oz in 20 minutes. The first day I dranked the tea. I was able to pump 3oz! After a full week of taking the tea and bars I’m now able to pump 4oz with no issue! Love it!

Lactation treats- chocolate


This is amazing

Right away after the 1st day I saw improvement one ounce at a time. If I didn't have Mrs. Patels, my breastfeeding journey would have had a sad ending after nursing for 6 months. Now I can continue beyond a year like I had planned. What a blessing.

Lactation Treats - Chocolate


Delicious! I actually look forward to my morning treat!

It seems to start helping!

I am seeing a little increase in my milk production. I am hoping it will get even better. My second order has been placed. The chocolate bars are delicious, I am Not a fan of teas so I’m not loving them but I will do anything to continue to breastfeed my baby. You got this mama!

Love Mrs. Patels products

I have to say my favorite product are the bars. I eat them plain or many times with peanut butter on top! The teas I have tried are a little too potant for me however I just reduce the quantity and steep the leaves and spices in a tea strainer and wahala I have the perfect tea!

Lactation Treats - Salted Caramel Dark

Lactation Treats - Chocolate


The chocolate bars are not only delicious but effective! I haven’t stopped ordering yet! My favorite is the plain chocolate!!