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Delicious and effective

These bars are delicious! It’s my little morning treat. And I definitely noticed a boost in my mid afternoon pump, by about 1-2oz for each side. Plus, my address changed and I was able to easily contact them and they changed my address and the bars arrived the next day. Amazing customer service! Ordered recurrent orders and looking forward to these becoming a part of my daily routine :)

Love love

These bars taste good. I’m a full time nurse and mom. So I don’t get to eat much at work or pump as much as I need to. The bars have helped me keep up my supply. My baby girl is 7 months now.

Package Deals - The Bundle

Lactation treats

Highly recommend. Just after the first day of starting treats I noticed an increase in my supply!

Gfree and vegan free

Bars have helped improve my milk supply

Chocolate bars and cinnamon chai tea

I was so impressed with how quickly I received my order! I could tell right away that the products are made with care. At first I did not love the chocolate bars, but over time I got used to them and they were great. I did notice an improvement with my supply while eating them! I plan to re-order. And the cinnamon chai tea is good. I use each tea sachet atleast twice to get the most out of them.

I enjoyed the Vegan Chocolate bars and they were instrumental in improving my milk flow.

Lactation Treats - Chocolate

It worked

I was skeptical, I bought them and my supply increased almost instantly! I used up the box, didn't reorder since my milk was up, and now that little man needs more per feed, I'm reordering! It helped me make enough to freeze and stock pile!

Worth A Try!

I know some people are skeptical about whether or not these products will work. I can honestly say I was able to see a difference within the first few days. The taste took a little getting used to but they're definitely not nasty. My first box was chocolate and I just ordered peanut butter. What works for some people may not work for others but for the sake of mom and baby, they're definitely worth trying.

Excellent flavor

Salted caramel is my favorite!

Have noticed a bit of a difference with milk supply! Not the greatest tasting treat but does its job!

They Work!

For me, I think the tea works a little better than the chocolate bars, however it may be due to increasing my hydration. Both products work and are tasty! Will definitely be buying more!

Delicious tea!

I don’t usually like tea much but this was delightful! The flavors were very pleasant making the tea easy to drink.

Worked wonders for me

My first bite, I wasn't used to the taste. But by the next morning, the next bar, I liked the taste. And then I wanted more than one. Within about 2 or 3 days I really started to notice by supply going up from a pitiful amount to where I want to be. I am so grateful to be able to buy fresh, tasty, effective and real-food bars.

Helped me get an extra 2 oz

I really liked the tea, best tasting lactation tea I’ve tasted so far! The bars had a lot of spices that I normally don’t eat but I was craving them every morning by the third day!

Love it!!

I absolutely loved the taste of both bars! And it helped me produce milk which I admit I was skeptical about. But I went from 1-2 oz to 2-4 oz with pumping! I wish there was a retail store here in Hawaii so I could get it when I need to without waiting!! These bars were amazing!!

Lovely lactation treats

I believe these are really good. The salt just compliments the chocolate so well. Trying the white chocolate next. I was having a really hard time producing milk and I swear after eating these treats my milk has doubled. I was very skeptical but it does work. You still want to drink a lot of water but even if you don’t you will still produce. Happy milking.

Lactation sprinkle

Best stuff I've used! When I use it regularly it is wonderful!! Has helped me increase my milk production to allow me to store up some milk.

Lactation Treats - Salted Caramel White

Lactation Treats - Combo Pack (Chocolate & PB)

Lactation Treats - Chocolate

Lactation Sprinkle - Munch Crunch