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Delicious and (hopefully) effective!

I noticed a drastic and unexplained reduction in milk production and was desperate to do anything to increase my supply. These bars (I did the multi-pack) are delicious and I noticed some increase in milk (although this could also be attributed to other factors: fenugreek, hydration, etc.). I will definitely buy more and am looking forward to trying the tea too.

Not only does the tea taste great, I’ve also seen an increase in my milk supply

I was skeptical at first, but really love the tea and bars! Unfortunately they helped me realize I'm allergic to fenugreek, but they tasted great and the packaging was perfect.

Package Deals - The Bundle

Best taste and best results

I have tried many many many products specially this being my 4th baby. The water chai tea is the most amazing product i have found. Increased my milk supply almost instantly and it tastes delicious. Forever grateful for this product. I also drank 2nd amd 3rd trimester teas and they were also amazing. The sprinkles are fun and yummy too. Best company. Thank you!

I bought them for a friend. She loves them.

I love them

Really helped with increasing my milk

Yum Yum

AwSomE products and help so much with BMI milk supply

Lactation Treats - Chocolate

Amazing tasty goodness

Absolutely amazing taste! I know I will be craving this after I end my journey of exclusively breastfeeding my now 12 month old! (Who knows when that will be)


I love it! Doesn’t taste bad or like ginger.

Lactation Treats - Chocolate


These treats pair perfectly with tea or coffee. I would have one every morning! But unfortantly im starting to think my body doesn’t like fenugreek, so I have stopped eating them every morning and my supply has gone back up


I used their products with my first daughter and now my second and they don’t disappoint. Absolutely satisfied with both the bars and tea

Lactation Treats - Chocolate

The bars are delicious and I feel like they are working

Package Deals - The Bundle

Lactation Treats - Chocolate

Lactation treats

Love the lactation treats, I definitely notice a difference (increase in milk supply) on the days when I eat it in the mornings. Would continue to purchase while I’m still breastfeeding!


Soooo tasty!!!

Love it

Thanks to Patel’s I am able to feed my baby and pump and save . The tea is 😋 . Those bars are real delight . Highly recommend it

Milk water tea bundle (herbal blend)

Not a fan of the taste of the tea nor treats but I will eat the treat over the tea any day. I seen a difference in my product so I guess I can deal with the taste to have more milk. Unfortunately I am in the military so its hard to pump 4+ times a day, on average I an only able to pump2x per day. However, I dco get 4-6oz every pump, wish I could very more but that'd the best I can do for now. I'll be ordering some more tonight but in a different flavor tea.

Lactation Treats - Chocolate

Tasty and beneficial

I absolutely love the chai tea and Lactation bars. They are delicious and this is the first of all my three children that I haven’t had to supplement with formula. These products made a difference for me.

really worked

I bought the lactation treats multi-pack and figured why not give them a try. I was pleasantly surprised that my milk supply actually increased and the treats tasted great!