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1st Trimester Tea - Ginger Rooting

It only increased my milk supply by 2 ounces for a couple of days and it plateau.

The bomb!

The salted caramel treat is delicious, with a somewhat Indian profile to it (but I love Indian food, so I like it!), the peanut butter treats are a less sweet but still amazing option, and the tea tastes like a Thai iced tea (yum!!!). My baby is satiated quicker, and at my in-between pumping, the volume has gone from usually 2 oz to 5 oz at a time 🤘🏻

Lactation Treats - Gluten-Free & Vegan Chocolate

Yummy and healthy treat

I loved the chocolate version more.. but they are perfectly sweet.. (on the lower side of sweetness)

Lactation cookies

I have always been obsessed with mrs Patel’s lactation bars and used them with my son. Now my daughter is 8 months and I went to order some more bars and noticed she makes cookies! I was thrilled to try them and they met every expectation I had. So amazing. It’s this awesome combo like ginger snap meets chocolate chip!! While they taste great they are super effective as well.

Lactation Treats - Combo Pack (Chocolate & PB)

Chocolate Chai cookies

So yummy! I really enjoyed these!

Salter Caramel White bars

These bars are delicious!!!! I am definitely getting them again.

I love the cookies! I felt they help my milk supply. The bars are the ones that didn’t help
Or do anything for me.
Me al all


Love them, seen an increase in milk and will be ordering more!

Love how easy it is to just sprinkle on top of dishes.

Life saver

This is my second child I’m using mrs.patels with . It’s the only product or brand I swear by . I see a boost same day or next day most of the time . The teas and bars are both actually very tasty and enjoyable . Highly recommend !

Wonderful product!

I love these bars! They have helped me Trenton keeping up my supply! Great taste too!


I love this tea! It's so comforting and tasty! I feel like it does help my supply but certainly nothing crazy.

The treats worked for me great


Pretty good. Definitely a different taste. I haven't noticed a severe increase but am able to pump 2oz after feeding my child.

Lactation Tea - Herbal Blend

Love these Cookie..Bought them for friend

These cookies are effective and BONUS they are so delicious. I even had to buy them for a friend!!

Lactation Treats - Multi-Pack (Original, Chocolate, PB)

Works great!!

Love the flavor and it totally made an impact on my supply! I’ll be a repeat customer.

Only been a few days

I can’t say if it’s working or not. My daughter arrived 6 days ago and we have only been home from the hospital three days. I’ve been eating them for 3 days and my milk is coming in now. I’m sure these have been helpful, but can’t say how much is from the bars and how much is natural. The taste is okay. I think it grows on you though. The first day I couldn’t eat the whole thing, but this morning, the taste was much more palatable.


Lactation Cookies


I think that these treats are delicious - the caramel, salt, and chocolate help mask the unique taste of the effective ingredients. I think that the price is a bit high, but I did see an increase in output. I will definitely purchase again, but it will be hard to budget in the cost on a regular basis.