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The taste is awesome. I love the salted caramel (white). It's my new favorite.

Taste great best results in the morning

Great taste, and it really works!!

These treats work so well, and the taste is phenomenal... sometimes it’s hard to have only one!

Salted dark

Really enjoyed the taste after continued use.


Very tasty and they really work!! I went from 2 oz pumping to 5 oz! Amazing!

Lactation Treats - Peanut Butter

Lactation Treats - Salted Caramel Dark

Taste good with my oatmeal has made milk thicker

Tastes good. Unsure if it helped milk supply though

I was stressing about not making enough to send to day care and sitter. So I thought I d give the tea a try. I Do like the taste of the tea and it’s great to be able to drink this hot tea , that’s caffeine free in the winter. However id still recommend this product to BFing moms. My next thing to try are the lactation bars.

As effective as they are tasty!

These bars are SO good! I honestly look forward to eating one and notice an increase in my supply within hours. Hoping to spread them out since they're a bit spendy, but very glad I bought them!

Delicious Treats

I was impressed by how delicious these treats were and they helped increase my milk supply. I gave 4 stars because of the size of the bars for the amount of money. I love that they are made fresh to order however for the price I wish there were more bars per box or the bars were larger. Overall, great product and I’m happy I purchased it, I’ve already bought me second box.


These treat were helpful in increasing my supply and easily consumed though they did not taste well. However, if you purchased, then it was not for taste but to increase lactation. I felt that it did It’s job.

Love love love

I am in love with the bar, I love the chi way better than the original but it’s all for a production goal so it’s drinkable!


i highly look forward to this afternoon treat to myself each day. :)

Package Deals - The Bundle

The product helped boost my milk supply!! Only downfall is the taste isn’t that great.

Great treat

This def increased my milk supply and I usually snack on them while breastfeeding since I have very little time in between to get my meals in . Thanks Mrs Patel !!!

It did work

I had the Lactation Treats - Gluten-Free & Vegan Chocolate bars (I needed dairy free) technically worked, I was producing only 1/2 oz per hour avg, then went up to avg 3/4 oz per hour. I gave it a 4 due to taste, it is awful, I drop it into my morning shake to cover up the taste. I would purchase again.

Love this tea!

I have been looking for a no caffeine chai and this one is delicious. Will be drinking long after breastfeeding ends!

Lactation Treats - Chocolate


Everything was delicious

It really does work!!!

I highly recommend this product. You can absolutely tell the difference in your milk supply.

Lactation Treats - Multi-Pack (Original, Chocolate, PB)

LOVE Mrs. Patel's Chocolate Treats!

I had been successful with breastfeeding with my second child and was breastfeeding almost exclusively -- until I had to go back to work. Of course, my supply decreased severely, even with pumping. I tried a bunch of different teas and other lactation cookies and bars, and nothing was really helping. I came across Mrs. Patel's from a friend and decided to give the chocolate treats a try. It's definitely an acquired taste, but after day 3 I found that my milk supply was increasing. I went from pumping and feeding about 2.5 oz out of each breast to 4-5 oz out of each breast. It's incredible. I've tried the milk water tea, and wasn't as successful as the chocolate treats were. Now, I find myself excited to eat them in the morning and I've selected a recurring order so that I can continue my supply! Thank you so much!