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Lactation Cookies


I enjoy the taste of the lactation bars and hope they increase my milk supply

Taste was ok, I only had a get slight increase in supply.


They are very delicious and started seeing a difference in my milk supply within a day


These taste fantastic and work amazingly! Milk supply sustained for twins because of these bars!

Love them!

I’m pretty sure that it’s upping my supply but most importantly .. they are DELICIOUS!!!!

Super yummy

I thoroughly enjoyed the sated caramel lactation treat, and my baby seems to be more satisfied after a feeding.

Takes a few

After I acquired a taste for them after about 3 then I was addicted! Definitely helped with my supply!

Delicious and increased supply

I’m a regular tea drinker so when I saw this as a possible way to boost my supply back, I figured why not? This tea not only tastes delicious, but did boost my supply back to what it was before it dipped.

Tastes Great

Great products. I think they helped.

Hooked and will always be ordering more!!

Taste great!

The cookies are delicious! But i do not believe they helped with my milk supply :/

Lactation Treats - Gluten-Free & Vegan Chocolate

Love them they work and taste great.

Delicious and effective!

I was struggling with my milk supply due to stress which only made it worse, but I’ve been eating one to two cookies a day and I’m getting enough that I am able to pump 1-3 extra ounces after nursing my son! I highly recommend these.


The cookies were very good! I had to be careful not to eat more than the recommended dose, they were that good!

So far awesome experience

I love the chia flavored milk water tea! Between the chocolate and the peanut butter lactation treats the chocolate is my favorite! I noticed an increase in milk supply within two days!

Get these cookies, your taste buds, supply, and baby will thank you

With breastfeeding my daughter who has a milk allergy it is so hard to find yummy snacks and help my milk supply. These cookies are amazing and do both! They are so yummy I wish I could have more than 2 a day! I just put in another order and I can't wait til they get to me!!

The treats tasted really well but I don’t think it helped in increasing the milk supply

Love the bars!!

I absolutely love the peanut butter bars and have purchased them multiple times in the past all with good results. This time around, I purchased the bundle with the tea. I couldn’t drink it, I tried so hard but the flavor is so nutty that I just couldn’t get a whole cup down. I will continue buying the bars though!

These Work

When my supply dipped around 4 months these really helped to bump it back up!

Amazing cookies

Very happy with my cookies!

Combo Pack

I love love love Mrs. Patel's Lactation Treats!! Could definitely see the difference when using them. Really helped with my milk supply as well as curbing my sweet tooth while I'm trying to watch what I eat. All in all I would highly recommend her.

Delicious & Effective!!

The taste is absolutely delicious and within a couple uses I was producing 1-2 more ounces than I had been!! Mrs. Patel's is the BEST!!

Wow! These bars are amazing! They actually worked for me. Plus they are yummy . If