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These are the most delicious lactation treats ever. And the packaging is nice, too, which I appreciate. They're helping my supply come back up as well. Definitely would order again.


Very tasty treats, and they seem to increase supply a little bit but it's hard to tell. I will be repurchasing.

Lactation Treats - Salted Caramel Dark

It works!

The quality and the taste is excellent! I would definitely recommend this to my friend! I was taking breastfeeding supplements and I did not see an increase in my milk supply but I did with these treats!


These cookies are absolutely delicious!

The lactation treats were very yummy and effective! I found my milk supply increased with a daily treat. Not a bad way to increase your milk!

10-20% increase in milk production

I found that having a cookie 30 minutes before I pump, I have a 10-20% increase in milk production. I've been eating a cookie and drinking 15-30 ounces of water at this time and they work. These cookies are tasty, too! I'm placing an order for more and also trying out the bars.


These are my favorite of the lactation treats I've tried. I get up early to pump before my babe wakes up, and love to enjoy one of these with my cup of coffee in a blissfully quiet house.
As for whether or not they work, my little is 12 weeks old, so my milk supply has probably settled to consistency. I'm able to pump around 6oz each morning and still feed my little chunker well throughout the rest of the day. The milk I pump looks thick and healthy, and he's growing well, so I will keep enjoying these treats!

Delicious and Effective

Not only do the cookies taste amazing, they also have increase my milk supply. My pumping schedule at work has over time made me drop in supply, but these cookies have helped me bounce back when I’ve gotten really low. I would seriously eat these all the time because they taste so good!!

Delicious & Effective!

Love the fenugreek bars. They are delicious and effective. Can't stop ordering these. Thank you Mrs. Patel's!!

A bit too sweet for a bar but delicious nonetheless

Great Tea!

This tea tastes great especially with a little honey. I drink about 2-4cups each day and feel like it really helps maintain my supply when I use it in conjunction with an extra pumping session each day.

Service is Above & beyond! I’ve been ordering Mrs. Patel products for 4 years now for myself and as gift for expecting or breastfeeding friends. I love their products and see great results. This last order I placed we ran into a issue with delivery and they quickly handle and corrected it with pleasure!

Package Deals - The Bundle

Great tea , however when taking it for the first time it takes a while before it starts producing..... but it is a GREAT HELPER to lactating moms !!! Thank you !

The Spice of Life

Nice variety pack- good if you're new to the product (like I am) so you can find your favorite flavor(s). I'm partial to the chocolate, although all are enjoyable! I've enjoyed these lactation treats once a day for 12 days now and have noticed my milk is much richer and I have no trouble pumping a good amount for my freezer stash for when I return to work in a couple of weeks.


These treats are so enjoyable and taste perfect with my morning coffee! It's hard to stop with just one. I love sipping on the tea throughout the day as well. I have been able to pump in the morning before my 2 month old wakes up and have enough milk to feed him right after while building my freezer supply before returning to work in a few weeks!

Package Deals - The Bundle

Tasty & They Work!

I love the taste of the peanut butter lactation treats, and they really increased my milk supply by a lot. So happy I took a chance on these!

The cookies are amazing! Wish I could eat more in one day! Milk supply definitely increased.

Saw some improvement

I exclusively pump every 3 hours, 7-8 times a day. I Normally produce around 3oz per pump. Since taking Mrs. Patels, I have increased to over 4oz per pump session. I have gone from producing around 28oz a day to 32+ a day. They taste ok... chocolate is better than peanut butter. Spice tea has a good flavor and is much better than mothers milk.

Lactation Cookies

Second Time around

Through out my breastfeeding journey with baby #1 I used everything everyday now 4 years later I am back with baby #2 the taste is consistent and my milk supply is stable using these products. The whitechocolate and Chia tea are my absolute favorite and how I start everyday. I love everything!

Delicious and it Works

I love these products! They taste amazing. I’m getting an extra ounce with every pumping session, and the quality of the milk is richer looking, too. I’ll continue to order the bars, cookies and tea while I’m breastfeeding. Hard to only eat one bar a day. Thankfully, I can also enjoy 1-2 cookies a day along with a delicious, warming cup of chai tea.

Tasty + Does the trick

I wasn’t sure if these bars would be palatable but I actually didn’t dread eating them. Plus, I think they worked for increasing my supply a bit and were a perfect grab n go snack