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Lactation treats

I was thrilled to see how much milk I produce after using the lactation treats . The taste is amazing . I also got the tea ( chai tea) the taste is breathtaking. I plan to use this product while I am breast feeding my little girl.

Great product

I cant say just yet if the products work but the presentation is superb. Had a bit of delay getting them with usps. Looking forward to seeing great results!


The tea was good and the chocolate are were good and I do see in increase in my milk production

Tasty treat and definitely helped!

I took the peanut butter bars through my first pregnancy and now I am taking these salted caramel white ones. Very tasty and increased my supply within a few days! Thank you Mrs. Patel’s and keep up the good quality!

Love the milk water tea & lactation treats!

The bundle, I feel, is a great deal! The treats are not only tasty but actually work. I keep them in the fridge and eat one when I’m seeing a big dip in my supply. I also drink the tea everyday. I make a big batch and make them into Arnold Palmers :)
I still breast feed at night and pump during the day. I think the tea really helps me the most.
Will definitely be buying again!

Delicious! It works


Really tasty would definitely recommend! No idea how well it works but great tasting.


I like the price of the bundle and ability to mix items. I had the chocolate brownies before but it was my first time trying the chai tea which I felt was more helpful with increasing milk production. I read more about the chai lactation tea on this site and learned the pouches are stronger so I will be purchasing that next. Overall I’m happy with the products on this site. Would highly recommend.

So glad I found these products

I was having an issue increasing my milk supply, I started eating the bars and drinking the Chai Spice tea and I noticed a difference within 2 days, before I was barely pumping 3 oz. Now i am getting 5-6 oz. Definitely will be buying again!!

Bars are beyond delish!

I sent my sister bars and tea. She was so happy with her treats, especially the fenugreek-free bars. She has discerning taste and raved about the flavor.

Amazing product!

I purchased the bundle multipack, the tea and the lactation sprinkles and let me start off by saying I was nothing short of amazed by it all. I was in a panic mode because my milk supply was dropping and after Mrs.Patels products I have received even more amazing results.

Lactation Treats - Salted Caramel Dark

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The best gift to a mama

We love the lactation treats!! So special!❤️❤️

Can’t go a day without it!

The lactation chai is my FAVORITE Mrs. Patel product! This tea blend is perfection and it tastes so so good! I drink it 2-3 times a day for lactation support but it’s also become one of my favorite teas to just have a cup of.
I was a bit hesitant to try other lactation teas out there because I was not sure of the ingredients. I really like how transparent Mrs. Patel’s is with their ingredients in this tea and it’s made fresh! The tea has helped my milk production when I first started drinking it and it’s been stable. I’ve only seen a supply drop from other factors such as reduction in pumping, hormonal changes, stress etc.
I wish I found this tea sooner but I really enjoy it and probably will continue to drink even after I’m done pumping.

Seriously works!

Not much to say besides that this REALLY works for me! Taste is very strong without milk but still great both ways and really helped my production! Will absolutely be repurchasing!

Seems to work!

I ended up exclusively breastfeeding my daughter and now that she’s almost 6 months I wanted to start pumping a bit to make her baby food with. I didn’t want to take away from what she’s drinking so I figured I’d try the lactation tea to increase my supply if needed. It’s hard to say for sure when the baby is drinking from the breast not a bottle but I will say it does feel like I get fuller during feeds and I’m constantly leaking now which hadn’t happened as often in a while before the tea. Plus I’m avoiding caffeine so it’s a nice replacement for the tea/coffee ritual! And it’s tasty. Overall would recommend trying it!


I have tried all of the flavors and they are all wonderful. You can’t go wrong!

Yummy cookies

I must say your cookies are very delicious. Did notice a slight difference while eating them especially when I had two. Wish there was more cookies in the bag.

These taste delicious I do plan to order more. I actually put them in the freezer but when I thawed it and ate it the bar taste fresh and delicious.

Cookies are great the chocolate treats are yuck 🤢 something about them isn’t right.


This is my 2nd favorite product of Mrs. Patel’s! I love that these cookies are fenugreek free and they are delicious! After eating two cookies a day for two weeks and also drinking the lactation tea (2-3x/day) I’ve noticed my breast milk is fattier and my supply is stable.
Highly recommend these cookies as they’re the best I’ve had compared to other lactation cookies!

Such a great snack

This is such a great snack.. it has a bit of an after taste, but it isn't bad. Just something I'm not used to. I only have it about twice a week or so. I think it helps to produce more milk. Might help more on a regular if eaten every day which could become pricey.

No noticeable difference in milk supply.

Taste is fine. No noticeable difference in milk supply.

So good!

Delicious and great for you!